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KRG's Barzani in Ankara, calls on terrorist PKK to lay down arms

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20 April 2012, Friday /TODAY’S ZAMAN
The terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) should lay down its weapons for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Massoud Barzani said on Friday during an official visit to Turkey.

“You won't get anywhere with weapons. The PKK should lay down its arms,” Barzani told reporters in Ankara on Friday on the last day of his two-day visit to Turkey. “I will not let the PKK prevail in northern Iraq,” he said, noting that the Kurdish issue can only be solved through peaceful means. "If the PKK goes ahead with weapons, it will bear the consequences," he added. Stating that an armed struggle would prevent a solution of the Kurdish issue, Barzani said he is optimistic about Turkey's recent policies and initiatives on the Kurdish issue, referring to the Turkish government's Kurdish initiative launched in 2009 to address the issue through peaceful methods.

“We will go ahead with our efforts for a peaceful solution. We want to make every kind of contribution for a solution to the issue through peaceful methods,” Barzani said. Barzani’s remarks came minutes after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told reporters in Doha that the Turkish military would “completely” halt military operations against the PKK if the organization were to lay down its arms.

“The separatist terrorist organization should lay down its arms. This is our call. The stance of the Turkish state is clear once they lay down their arms. It is [our stance] to completely stop military operations. But it is out of the question for operations to end unless the organization lays down its arms,” Erdoğan said on Friday while responding to questions from reporters in Doha.

When asked whether he discussed the issue with Barzani during a meeting on Thursday, the Turkish prime minister said although they did not discuss it, he did say the issue of the PKK laying down its arms is always on Turkey’s agenda in talks with northern Iraq’s regional administration.

Barzani arrived in Turkey for a two-day visit on Thursday and met with Erdoğan in İstanbul on the same day. He also had talks with President Abdullah Gül and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu on Friday.

The fight against the PKK was also among the issues discussed during Barzani and Davutoğlu’s meeting. According to Foreign Ministry sources, a more effective strategy against the PKK and economic cooperation were also discussed during the meeting. In addition, the two sides reportedly agreed to continue consultation on various issues, particularly the fight against terrorism.

Barzani also met with pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Co-Chairman Selahattin Demirtaş, who was accompanied by BDP Co-Chairwoman Gültan Kışanak and Mardin deputy Ahmet Türk, on Friday afternoon. Demirtaş told reporters after the meeting that they did not have a “special agenda” but just had lunch with the Iraqi Kurdish leader.

Turkey has been fighting the PKK since 1984 and as many as 40,000 people have died since. Turkey has demanded active support from the Kurdish regional administration in the fight against the terrorist organization, which has several bases in northern Iraq, including its main base in the Kandil Mountains.

Iraqi Kurds have had strained relations with Turkey in the past due to the presence of the PKK in Kurdish-run northern Iraq, but ties have improved significantly in recent years. The Kurds are also striving to maintain balanced ties with Iraq’s rival Sunni and Shiite groups as they vie for influence in the country following the withdrawal of US troops.

There is no such thing as kurdish problem in turkey. We get same treatment as every citizen get. Stop killing people for political games! Turks and kurds are brothers, we are not gonna end up like balkans nor czechoslovakia !
Kurdo, I didn't mean Iraqi Kurdistan belongs to Barzani. I meant he is in charge of it, because he was democratically elected as the prime minister, unlike the dinosaurs who are in charge of the PKK, who remained in power for 4 decades, eliminating anyone who has opposed them. Being the PM, it is Ba...
ali marf, you don't have to give me any examples of the oppression the Kurds endured in Turkey, I already know and I fully support the Kurds' right to live as equal citizens in Turkey. My objection to you was for your simplistic view that Turkey was being evil and is trying to cause a division betwe...
it is a good idea to solve the Kurdish issue.the leader Barzani has influence on all kurds.but laying down the Pkk's weapons is not enough, i mean turkey has to be very serious in solving the Kurdish issue. The first step Ocalan should be liberated.
Should we unilaterally proclaim an independent South Kurdistan? www.ekurd.net
Baqi Barzani
3. Question, first, what Turkey or (APK) offer the Kurds if they lay down their arms struggle? Because it must be an offer otherwise its not possible! Second, Barzani is not a representative of the Kurds in South east of Anatolia but the Kurds have their own representative so why not talking to them...
No negotiation with Terrorists. PKK speaks the language of violence,we have to speak their language if we want to communicate.
Mr Baris . there is nothing such as Barzani's territory.South kurdistan is the land of all and kurds pkk do not need permision from some one like Barzani.history tells us that the turks are not reliable.
PLEASE READ MY INPUT. So called "kurdish issue" ???? Here is a profile of the average Kurd/s in Turkey today and in yesteryears; presidents, prime ministers, opposition leaders, MP's, regional governers, ,local mayors, doctors, lawyers, all the arts -theatre film TV singer songwriter etc, teachers, ...
It is always fine to believe that a just cause or fine words will triumph, alas history tells a different story. It tells of countries and peoples that have disappeared from this earth, of just causes and fine phrases trodden into the ground. Since the beginning of the Turkish Republic, there has be...
respond to baris you are as turk national shuld open eye and wake up see what turkish government have done to kurd in past 100 years i give you one example jast one in thousand crime turky have done to kurd its only few years ago kurdish mother language was band for 23 million kurd in kurdistan turk...
ali marf
@PKK supporters, what has the PKK achieved so far beside having 40,000 dead from both sides. Do you really think another 200,000 people dieing is going to change Turkey mind and give you a piece of OUR land. Keep dreaming. What your PKK is doing is making our military and security forces stronger an...
I'm afraid, Baran, that your arguments are not valid. It is wrong to compare the legitimate army of KRG,the peshmerga, which does not kill Kurds, with the self-appointed terrorists of the PKK, which has killed thousands of Kurds. It is wrong to imply that Erdogan, who has done the most to grant righ...
Turkey should induce Shiekh Masuod Efendi to earn a ligitmate high school Diploma , then he can erve better Turkish interest, as of now is a six grade level he got ,not good enough..
Mr Barzani will have the necessary moral authority to call on PKK to lay down its arms once his forces lay down their arms! Is he ready to tell the Peshmerga to lay down their arms? Don't hold your breath for it. PKK fighters should become the backbone of security forces in an autonomous Kurdish r...
Wether they talk to Barzani or BDP or PKK , turkey at the end of the day will have to give Kurds their rights . Turkey however is Never ever genuine about solving the Kurdish issue .
Barzani doesn'represent Kurds in turkey !!!!
narin berwari _Duhok
BDP is a puppet of terrorist PKK. and this is not first time Barzani says such things.. not a reliable man.
PKK would like to lay down its arm, but not under the current conditions. Laying down the arm under the status quo is like trowing away your dignity and identity into the bin. Free Abdullah Ocalan, who represent masses of Kurds, and engage with him, not just with President Barzani. You can not negot...
Shwan Hawezi
ali marf, before you construct sentences like "make hostile bettwen kurd iraq and kurdistan turky the answer is evil" and before you burst into a laughter, open your eyes and see that the PKK is attacking Turkey from Barzani's territory. Iraqi Kurdistan is also a part and parcel of the problem, not ...
dario, if you don't have a terrorist safehouse in northern iraq, it's going to be hard for you to exist as a terrorist organization, don't you think?
only turky make me lough !!! kurdish issue in kurdistan turky for moment is not in hand barzany its in the city name dyarbaker or amed . i dont know why turkish government try make hostile bettwen kurd iraq and kurdistan turky the answer is evil
ali marf
Turks should try to talk to BDP not Barzani and solve Kurdish issue.
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