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Racism in Europe reaches alarming proportions, says Davutoğlu

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22 March 2012, Thursday /SEYİT ARSLAN
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu complained on Thursday that racism is on the rise across the European continent, offering neo-Nazi murders in Germany and xenophobic political developments in France and other countries as examples.

During a joint press appearance with his Austrian counterpart, Michael Spindelegger, in Vienna, Davutoğlu told reporters that they discussed how to prevent these kinds of developments from happening.

Davutoğlu and Spindelegger also discussed Turkish-Austrian economic relations, visa liberalization for Turkish business people in Austria and integration of Turkish immigrants in Austrian society, as well as the political situation in the Balkans and the Middle East.

Davutoğlu said Spindelegger promised him his government will support Turkey’s efforts for the removal of visa requirements for Turkish business people in Europe, adding that such visa liberalization will boost trade relations between Turkey and the EU.

With $2.18 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) in Turkey, Austria led the EU countries currently investing in Turkey in the first eight months of 2011, according to a Balance of Payment Statistics report released by the Central Bank of Turkey in October 2011.

Davutoğlu was also accepted by Austrian President Heinz Fischer on Thursday.

As new clashes flared across the Syrian border on Thursday despite a fresh call from the UN for a cease-fire, Davutoğlu also addressed the international community from Vienna seeking a joint course of action against the regime’s violence in the country.

Davutoğlu targeted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for not quelling the violence despite his repeated promises to that effect. “It seems that Assad is trying to buy time. A joint course of action against Syria is a must,” Davutoğlu said. Wrapping up his talks in Austria, Davutoğlu headed to Brussels on Thursday evening to attend the 2nd Turkey-EU Political Dialogue meeting, focusing on the situation in Syria and Iran.

EU’s chief foreign policy official, Catherine Ashton, European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Stefan Füle, foreign ministers of EU member and candidate countries are attending the talks. The first political dialogue meeting between Turkey and the EU was held in July 2010 in İstanbul’s Çırağan Palace.

Bağış: Neither Turkey nor EU can exclude each other

Turkey’s chief EU negotiator and State Minister Egemen Bağış on Thursday said neither the European Union nor Turkey could afford to shut their doors on each other, adding that relations were too complicated to cross off. “Neither the EU nor Turkey have the luxury to say ‘no’ to each other. Our relations have never been this dependent before,” Bağış told a roundtable meeting with Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation Gunilla Carlsson in İstanbul.

are some of these racist loosing their minds. white people is taking people land all over the world. For example: United States, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Greenland, Ice Land... etc. etc. The countries whites don't take over, they steal the land, natural resources, rape the women, kill the...
truth hurts
Nobody is saying that Africa needs diversity. Nobody is saying that Asia needs diversity. They are already 100% diverse. People are only telling White children in White countries that they need diversity. White Countries will be 100% diverse when there are no White people left. Diversity is a code-w...
In the 1960's all and only white countries opened their borders to massive non-white immigration. Then governments and media demanded we "mix together." Now those same governments and medias are calculating that by the year 2040, there won't be a single white majority nation left on the planet, ...
In the 1960's all and only white countries opened their borders to massive non-white immigration. Then governments and media demanded we "mix together." Now those same governments and medias are calculating that by the year 2040, there won't be a single white majority nation left on the planet, ...
@AliA - because we dare to question the accuracy of Davutoglu's statement as well as the motives, we are classed as racists? You have given racism a whole new meaning. The world is fully aware that you cannot quesiton anything said by the Turkish state but airbrushing the meaning of a word is takin...
What comes to mind when we read or hear the word "hate preacher"? To be honest,I never thought of a Buddhist or a Russian Orthodox monk in that context..
Genocide involves the attempt to achieve the disappearance of a group by whatever means. It does not have to be violent, it could be a combination of policies that would lead to a certain group dying out. ~ Malcolm Fraser (Prime Minister of Australia 1975-1983) At the present time, people of Eu...
To: What is the agenda here.; Saaten Maagar; Af; Mark; Me. Thank you for proving to the readers of this tolerant Turkish Today's Zaman web site that you lot are racists :-D
The uncomfortable truth is this: Even in Germany the vast majority of Muslims are not killed by Neo-Nazis, but by fellow Muslims. And perhaps Europeans are just fed up with all the talk about "peaceful Islam" (it is a joke by now) as long as Muslim terrorists shout Allahu akbar and kill Jewish chil...
Why do 4 million Turks living in Germany prefer to live with the racist Germans, instead of moving back and live with Turks in Turkey? I am not at all against Turks in Eurpe, they contribute to the countries, but I still wonder, when I read the news papers and comments by Turkish polititians present...
The Turkish integration in Austria? So far his boss Mr. Superman always hammered into the European Turks (with whom we get along very well actually, they are honest and efficient) never to integrate themselves, but to stay defiant against any such demand. The hypocrisy is really hard to endure!
It is the Jews who have allowed non-Whites in to Europe.They are the historical gate openners and promoters of multi-culturalism. The Turks are historical conquerors of Europe and they are destined too do it again
Adam Yildirim
Racism in Turkey is decreasing , they know how to solve the problem no people no racism problem.
@Me, Mark, Af, you seemed to forget that Europe is the chapion on Human Rights! or is it when it serves their purpose as it seems you people are no different. Stating one wrong act deserves another?? Hence you provide more reason as to why we Turks are right for critising the EU and their loser lot....
Mr Bagis said “Neither the EU nor Turkey have the luxury to say ‘no’ to each other. Our relations have never been this dependent before,”. I do not understand, why would it be a "luxury" to say no? EU and Turkey has exchange in many areas, why does Mr Bagis say that it is a luxury to say no to that?...
Open not close
Before talking about racism, I want to see facts on how Turks are doing in Germany. For example, how are they doing in terms of education, in terms of crime rates, need of social wellfare payments, unemployment, how much taxes do they pay, how are they doing compared with other groups of immigrants ...
Mr. Davutoğlu, a couple of weeks ago your Taksim square was filled with racist throngs with officially sanctioned placards calling Armenians bastards and threatening to bury Armenians on Mount Ararat. You Interior Minister was there, made a speech and did not say one word condemning the Racist plac...
The racism in europe is nothing like the racism which is in Turkey. There is a far higher percentage of Moslems in europe than there are Christians in Turkey. Chew on that for awhile Mr. Davutoglu, before you make another foolish comment.
This is a sick joke. Turkey is one of the most racist places on earth. Look at the other day when Turks were holding a rally and calling Armenians "bastards" and other terrible names.
Why isn't Mr Davutoglu commenting on these kind of things? http://news.yahoo.com/ Al quada says killed american teacher yemen
Statistically, more Germans have died in Germany at the hands of Turks than the other way around and the recent events in France were perpetrated by a man of algerian decent. In turkey, Kurds, Alevi's Armenians and Greeks as well as other minorities are all discriminated against and that is by the ...
And Turkey is not racist? Don't most Turks prefer a Muslim neighbor than any other culture? What would you call that preference? Stop blasting the EU, get out of there and then you'll have nothing to complain. Muslim world is very big and there is enough room for all Muslims, no need to invade the E...
Unbelievable!!! “Alarming proportions”? If that is the case in Europe, what do you call it in “Turkiye”. The only person who has ever tried to come up with a word to describe it is Raphael Lemkin, look him up.
Saaten Maagar
Ow! Yes, the foreign minister is concerned with the mote in someone else's eye. I can accept a foreign minister commenting on worrying racism in other countries. I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he is including Turkey as showing worrying trends re racism. Perhaps the most worrying of al...
What is the agenda here.
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